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Sexual doll

Smart TPE Solid Doll

Smart TPE Solid Doll

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Material Medical TPE Composite Metal Skeleton
Manufacturer Sexual doll
Uses libido;Viewing;Photography
Vaginal depth 18cm
Anal depth 18cm
Oral depth 12cm
Height chest circumference Waist Circumference Hip circumference Body weight
158cm 72cm 49cm 75cm 28kg
168cm  90cm 51cm 82cm 37kg


Cleaning and storage method 

1: Nascent cleaning

Rinse with clean water to remove surface dirt.

Note: Only wash with cold water or warm water within 38 degrees to prevent affecting the product

longevity and resilience.

2: Deep cleaning

After rinsing with clean water, apply body wash or cleaning solution to the surface of the product, rub it clean and rinse off.

3: dry off

Wipe the water stains on the surface of the product with a dry cloth and dry it completely.

4: apply talcum powder

After cleaning and drying the doll, you need to apply talcum powder all over the body. (Product factory painted

Johnson's Baby Powder)

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