The new Globally Patented Line Of Modular Jewelry that is redefining the jewelry space

~A Sustainable Jewelry brand that is multifunctional, versatile and co-created by You~

Bengaluru, 4th February 2022 : Toqn launched its contemporary, cutting edge concept of

what jewellery can be, at IIJS Premiere 2021 in Bengaluru and holds 5 exclusive patents for their unique mechanism.The brand introduced an entirely new category of sustainable jewellery into the market with an idea to bridge the gap between gold coins and jewelry. It’s standout quality of these 18K gold jewelry is its  versatility, sustainability and the fact that it is cost effective. Divya, Founder & CEO of Toqn on boarded the expertise of manufacturing giant, Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited as she believed that partnerships were the key to success. A collaborative partnership utilising the Toqn brand ethos and Emerald’s visual materialisation capabilities led to the creation of Toqn X Emerald.

A Toqn is a single piece of jewelry that can transform into anything your heart desires, from a ring, to a bracelet, a pendant or even a lapel pin for the men who want to make a statement, owing to the different base sockets that comes with investing in a Toqn. The brand brings pieces that are low investment and higher wearability, along with buy back options in the future for the conscious consumer who believe in sustainable ownership. The brand excels in executing multifunctional wearability and convenience.

All Toqn rings are free size and modular in every sense of the word, a mechanism for which the brand holds 5 global patents. Creative control is handed over to the consumer by instilling democratic design sense, where the customer, along with their loved ones can build their own jewelry, creating pieces and memories that last a lifetime and can even be bought as a family kit.

Non- fungible tokens or NFT’s have rocked the art world and now they are beginning to cut into the world of jewelry and gold. Toqn being a young, cutting edge and emerging brand is leading the web3 world with its Aries constellation NFT collection which is available on Ammbr marketplace. It is one of the most visible brand in the NFT market and has set its foundation strong in the fast growing digital space.

“Toqn is here to change the game in a 600 billion dollar jewelry industry, establishing transparency and sustainability as the cornerstones of our company, with the goal of changing how millennials approach gold. I believe sustainability is the right way forward and we are glad we are able to impact purchase trends by not compromising on design, quality, or budget. Our mission is to create a new product category in the jewelry space that offers functionality and versatility.” Says Divya Jain, Owner & CEO Toqn Jewellery

Toqn is the jewelry of the future, and celebrates women for being versatile in all aspects of life – as a birth giver, as a homemaker, as an entrepreneur, as an employee. The idea behind Toqn was a very simple one –  to allow women to own more jewelry at a lower cost.

About Toqn:

Toqn is a modular & sustainable jewelry brand, the essence of which is versatility & sustainability. The multifunctionality of a ‘Toqn’ is a category on its own. Invented by Divya Jain, Toqn is  a new age solution for the modern woman looking for a statement piece that will compliment her style and elevate her confidence. One Toqn can be worn many ways, its unique mechanism holds a patent of its own and is the first of its kind.

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